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Delivery Information

Please make sure you include your entire delivery address, including appartment #, Suite #, Route #, etc., in your shipping/delivery information.  Oust Bearings makes every effort to make sure your order is shipped quickly and accurately to the address you provide.  If an order is returned due to a bad address you provided, it will be returned to us.  We will then contact you for your actual address and re-send your order to you, however, you will be charged again for the shipping.  If the order is returned due to an address error on our part, once the order is returned to us, we will gladly re-send the order without additional shipping charges to you.

If you should need to contact us for a Return Merchandise Authorizatiom Number (RMA) you must first complete our online RMA form to request a number.  Once you receive the number, you must include the number on all packages you return.  Once we receive your returned merchandise, we will contact you about the status.